The BYG Method is rooted in the ancient systems of medicine from the East as well as modern nutritional science more familiar to people in the West. Using aspects from both ideologies, we can identify three key body “types” or elements that prevail when describing our body’s circulatory system: Air, Earth and Fire.

All three of these elements work together to assist in heart health, but there is typically one dominant element. For this reason, you may feel as though you can relate to more than one of the answers or that none of the choices quite fit. While taking the following assessment, please take an honest account of your life and choose the answer that most pertains to you. 

You can take this assessment as many times as you’d like. Once your heart type is revealed, please print or save the overview document for reference. Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about your BYG self!


What is your climate preference?

How would you describe your body frame throughout your life?

When contemplating your physical strength...

What is your preference when it comes to physical activity?

What do you notice about your perspiration?

Looking at your elbow creases and ankles, how would you describe your veins?

Describe your circulation at your extremities (hands and feet)?

What is the average longevity in your family history?

Which of the following have you experienced more often?

Which trend best describes your blood fats (cholesterol/triglycerides)?

What's My Heart Element?
Your Heart Element is Air!

What does it mean to have an airy circulatory system? As a predominantly air heart, the blood transport tends to lack luster, resulting in cold extremities and a low blood pressure and/or body temperature. You may have bursts of energy and want to accomplish a lot in a short period of time because your stamina will likely run out. Learn more about balancing your Air Element here.
Your Heart Element is Earth!

What does it mean to have an earthy circulatory system? As a predominantly earth heart, your blood tends to get sticky. The qualities of earth are damp and heavy so you can imagine how the highway system can jam up while attempting to transport the good and move the bad. Learn more about balancing your Earth Element here.
Your Heart Element is Fire!

What does it mean to have a fiery circulatory system? As a predominantly fire heart, you tend to be “hot” blooded, presenting a redness to the skin and a tendency for high blood pressure. Although you’ve enjoyed competitive-natured activities throughout your life, this season offers the opportunity for finding moderation. Learn more about balancing your Fire Element here.