Assess Your Energy Output

Materials needed


To assess your current state of energy output. This activity is meant to have you take an honest inventory of what activities and/or things that you do in your life that either adds to or subtracts from your energy reserves. This can bring awareness to your level of fulfillment and, therefore, spark a motivation to make changes where you can. 


Print or copy the chart onto a blank piece of paper. Write down in the left column, things that you do or have done that bring you pleasure or adds to your life. No “shoulds” are allowed in this column.

In the right hand column, list things that you do that take from your energy; things that can be considered draining or stressful. Once the list is complete, commit to doing at least one of the activities on the left daily. On the “bad for me” side, circle the 5 most draining and commit to eliminating, reduce or rendering powerless those items. 

Good For MeBad For Me
List things that you do or have done that bring pleasure to your life, not things you “should” do.
Make a commitment to do at least one of these daily.
List things that you do that take from your energy, that are “draining.” Circle the 5 most detrimental and commit to eliminating or rendering these powerless.
Example: I feel calm and rejuvenated when I swim.Example: My sleep is affected when I drink alcohol.

Click here for a printable version of this chart!