Materials Needed 

A  journal or computer to write down your answers to the questions below.


To identify foods and reflect on memories that  “feed” your heart. Cravings run deep and, according to Eastern Traditions like Ayurveda, fill more than your stomach. 

Your heart “hungers” for connection, empathy, and craves affection. When your heart is hungry you might find yourself eating comfort food that brings back positive memories, like helping your grandmother bake cookies when you were young. Or the feeling of connection to your loved one when you share a glass of wine together. These are examples of heart hunger and it’s important to fill them AND feel them in place of making them a habit. Habits are often devoid of feeling and can create a disconnect and/or addiction to the foods we love. This exercise helps us understand the connection(s) we have to food.  


All you need to do is take a quiet moment of reflection with your journal or computer in hand and answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Feel the emotion of the memories as you write.  

Write down foods you love and WHY. How do they make you feel emotionally?

What are some foods you ate at your grandparents house?

What are some recipes you remember fondly from your childhood?

What foods do you ask for on your birthday?

What is your favorite food associated with travel? Do you experience a feeling of being back there, can you remember the landscape or the weather?

What foods do you crave when you are ill or low energy, does that correlate with a food memory? Did your mother make you chicken noodle soup when you were sick, does your heart still craves it?


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