Audio Meditations

the road ahead

Morning Gratitude Meditation

A meditation to begin your day – a heart filled with gratitude is a beautiful way to start!

Body Scan

A simple meditation to help you sleep at night.

Journey to the Heart

Take 10 minutes in a quiet, warm space. Please situate yourself in a comfortable position; you can lie down or sit in a chair to practice.

Meditation for Healthy Habits

A meditation to help establish healthy habits.

Visualization Relaxation

Let’s go to the beach!

Progressive Relaxation Therapy

Learn how the body and mind can work together to help you come into a deeper rest state for sleep.

Square Breath Technique

A meditation to help you focus on your breath, from inhale to exhale and everything that’s in between.

Guided Energy Starter

Start your day with this guided meditation and you’ll feel the effects all day long! Please begin seated in a chair.

loving kindness meditation list

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Use this meditation to cultivate kindness and love for yourself and for others.

Mindful Eating Meditation

Practice this meditation to stay present, express gratitude and encourage your body’s natural focus on digestion.

cat napping

Power Nap

This meditation is all about the 3 ‘R’s…rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!