BYG Wellness Workbook

Best Years Group-Wellness Workbook Checklist

Your BYG guide to leading health-focused, engaging activities

This is your roadmap to leading fun, informative, and health-focused activities that keep residents coming back for more while putting a creative spark in the wellness staff. As a cohesive service to our individual membership program, we have organized the workbook to fit within the 3 key systems of the Best Years Group program: gut, heart, and mind health. The workbook expands the potential of activities you can create for your residents to stay active, learn up-to-date health trends, and support their commitment to living purpose-driven lives.

Each meeting plan includes a list of all materials needed and an instructor’s guide to relaying each topic efficiently and effectively. You can blend your skills and expertise with the plan and make it your own. Print out the entire book by downloading or log in to view any time.