Wellness Workshops

BYG offers an incredible array of wellness workshops that will help your organization thrive! Whether you need a staff morale boost or a mindfulness event for your residents, you'll benefit from our BYG coaches' wealth of knowledge and experience.

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BYG Workshop Menu Sampler

Each of our workshops are designed to promote one of the three pillars of BYG wellbeing: Gut Health, Heart Health and Mind Health. Choose from one of our many offerings, or let us custom curate a workshop according to your organization’s needs! Contact us for pricing and scheduling or to request a full workshop menu.

Gut Health

  • The Six Tastes & Mindful Eating

    A traditional perspective on balancing and managing your diet

  • Waist Weight As We Age

    Understanding the harm of belly fat and easy techniques to reduce it

  • Vegetarian Start-Up Kit

    Moving toward a more plant-based lifestyle

Heart Health

  • The 3 BYG Jobs of the Heart

    Discover the physical, nutritional and emotional heart

  • The Journey to the Heart

    An expanded approach to heart health

  • Meditation in Motion

    How to include mindfulness in everyday activities

Mind Health

  • Resilience and the Habits To Create It

    Proven, key ingredients for a resilient lifestyle

  • Meditation for Your Unique Mind

    Matching meditation styles with brain tendencies

  • Tick Tock: Listen to Your Body Clock

    The magic of circadian rhythms

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