Welcome to the BYG Yoga Library! Want to learn more about the benefits of yoga for older adults, like you? Become a member of the Best Years Group today, and you’ll learn how to build a strong foundation and more!

After you feel comfortable with the Foundations series, feel free to move on to the BYG Yoga Library to customize your daily home practice. You can do this by clicking on the categories shown in blue. We will continue to add new and exciting videos as you move through the program. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us.

Foundations of Yoga

This series is designed to take you from the ground up and to get you comfortable with learning from video. The videos are short in length and focused on the foundations that create a safe, joyful and daily yoga practice. I also recommend purchasing a set of blocks and a strap, here.

If you are totally new to yoga, work with the Foundational series as long as you like. If you are a seasoned Yogi it never hurts to review your alignment and breathing practices. If getting up and down from the floor is not accessible for your body, please work with the Chair Yoga videos.


1. Just Breathe
2. Sit Down & Breathe
3. Strengthen the Low Back
4. Healthy Lunging
5. Mountain Pose
6. Standing Practice
7. Balancing 101
8. Downward Facing Dog
9. Table Top
10. Supine Practice
11. Savasana
12. Putting It All Together