From Barriers to Breakthroughs

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The Journey Begins!

As you learned from our blog “Embracing the Season,” the Autumn stage of life is about refining or re-defining yourself and what matters to you. All transformations start with the most basic elements and nothing could be more basic than the foods you eat. So let’s start at the beginning and take a look at the eating habits you have developed throughout your life.

Did you start out as a picky eater and never really develop an adventurous palate?

Or did you grow up eating what your family grew or had access to, but fell into the trap of quick, convenience foods over the years?

In our increasingly frenetic culture, the three things that drive our food choices are convenience, cost and taste. Unfortunately, processed or ready-made foods tend to be pricey, devoid of nutrients and unhealthy — ultimately leading to expensive doctor bills. 

In the Autumn season of life, we are offered a chance to renew our responsibility for taking care of ourselves. First, let’s discover what’s in our way of becoming successful in sustaining healthy behaviors. Once we are aware of the barriers, we can apply the power of knowledge and start making choices that improve our health and our overall sense of wellbeing.  

Barriers to Making Healthier Choices

Same Old Same Old

Are you just plain tired of cooking? Those feelings are certainly understandable. However, think of it this way:  if you don’t cook, you give up any control you have over which ingredients are in the foods you eat. Choosing to eat the majority of your meals from pre-cooked, fast-food or dine-out options translates to more fat, salt and sugar. So why not make it easier on yourself? You can have groceries delivered or order them ahead online and pick them up.

Travel and Leisure

Does travel and indulging in the finer things make it difficult to stay on a healthy plan?

When traveling, some preparatory actions can have a big pay off on your energy levels and digestive comfort. Here are some tips to guide you:

Stay Inspired

Do you feel intimidated by learning a new skill like cooking? Or maybe you are just tired of the same old tired meals you’ve made for years. Take advantage of the healthy, ready-made meal delivery services offered these days. Here is a link to guide you on choosing the service that is right for you.

Take action for change

Do any or all of the above barriers pertain to you? If so, decide which of the barriers are changeable for you and begin to take action. Although it’s important to challenge yourself and create discipline around forming new habits, slow and steady changes that meet you where you are in life will have more success in the long run.