Joy List Activity

Materials Needed 

A journal, iPad/tablet or cell phone to compile a personal list of the things that bring you more joy in life – A Joy List.


To create a Joy List. A simple list of things you do that bring you joy. 

The Heart is associated with the emotion of Joy according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Did you know laughing or smiling can do wonders for your cardiovascular health? 

Your List becomes an easily accessible tool to uplift you when you need a “pick me up” or to get yourself out of a “low” mood.  


Simply take a few moments to sit quietly, relax, breath and tune into your heart. Write down all the different ways in which you experience more joy in life. Once completed transcribe your list to your phone, tablet, private journal or even hang it on a wall. Use this list to spark the joy that’s right inside of you waiting to be ignited. 

It can be as long or as short as you want it to be, and it doesn’t have to be glamorous or extravagant. Here are some examples from my Joy List: