If your digestive element is Fire, here are some suggestions for building a BYG menu that balances you! Simply click on the title of the recipe to view it in detail. From there, you can print it out or write down the ingredients to create your grocery list.

Remember, excessive eating (especially spicy/salty foods) and drinking alcohol are a sure way to create more heat and inflammation. Work on incorporating more cooling foods and reducing dehydrating beverages like caffeine and alcohol to help support your natural high-energy self. Moderation is not a dirty word. Cultivate it! 

The key to balance for you is to calm things down a bit. Build some free time in your day. Perhaps put it on the schedule so you begin to make a habit of not “doing” all the time! Make sure you have regular meals even if it means taking snacks along with you as you move through your day.

Meal Suggestions for Fire


Choose something that will be easy to digest yet hearty enough for balanced energy levels.

Sample Meals

Breakfast Muesli

BYG Breakfast Scramble

Banana Berry Smoothie


Organic or lactose free cottage cheese and fresh pears

Super BYG Granola

BYG Green drink


Have your largest meal here, no more than 4 hours after breakfast unless you have a light snack in between. 

Consume your largest portion of animal protein here.

Sample Meals

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Quick Curry Chicken Salad on sprouted grain bread with lettuce 

Feta Turkey Burger with Balsamic Cucumber Salad


Aim for at least 3 nights per week vegetarian friendly. Animal protein at night can increase acid.

Sample Meals

Spaghetti Squash with Parsley Pesto with Lemon Pepper Asparagus

White Bean Stuffed Portobello

Poached Cod with Fennel with Herbed Brown Rice Pilaf 

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