According to our partners at Fullscript, maintaining brain health is essential for optimal cognitive function, quality of life, and healthy aging. Cognitive impairment, which can impact individuals at any age, results in difficulty with processes such as language, memory, and judgment, affecting everyday life. Causes of cognitive decline such as brain injury may be outside of your control. However, other factors that cause cognitive issues may be addressed through dietary and lifestyle approaches, such as vitamin supplements for brain health.

Earth Mind Tendencies

  • Kind-hearted and nurturing
  • Slow to start but concentration and focus are sustainable
  • Needs 8 hours of sleep to feel rested
  • Tend to eat when stressed
  • Can feel low emotionally from time to time
Antioxidant Formula
Memory Pro

Air Mind Tendencies

  • Quick to learn, quick to forget
  • Tendency towards anxiety, fear, or worry
  • Impulsive decision-maker
  • May experience loss of appetite under stress
Brain E-DHA
Rescue Pastilles
HPA-Axis Sleep Cycle

Fire Mind Tendencies

  • Sharp memory and attention to detail
  • Information seeker
  • Tendency towards irritability/anger/judgement (towards ones self and others)
  • Sensitive stomach when stressed
ProThriver Wellness Sleep
Longevity Nutrients

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