Why is eating healthy and exercising regularly sometimes not enough? In the modern world, we are constantly combating environment pollutants, artificial chemicals in our food, and we sit too much. For these reasons and more, we may require more nutritional support than our good habits can provide.

The Magic of Magnesium

  • Protects the heart from the stress of exercise
  • Restores the blood vessels’ ability to open up when the body needs more blood
  • Relieves sore or tight muscles and improves post-workout muscle recovery
  • Induces restful sleep

The Potential Power of CoQ10

  • May improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
  • Although findings are not conclusive, CoQ10 may be instrumental in reducing blood pressure
  • Other research points to potentially reducing heart damage in people who’ve had heart bypass or heart valve surgeries
  • 2015 study showed link to improvement in vitality, physical performance and quality of life in older adults

Garlic: The Potent Potion

  • May exert blood pressure lowering activity by decreasing vascular resistance, which is resistance in blood vessels that contributes to high blood pressure
  • Garlic supplementation was also found to reduce total cholesterol
  • Garlic may regulate inflammation by assisting the transport of anti-inflammatory chemicals to the site of injury or pain

The Promising Star: Citrus Bergamot

  • Contains numerous polyphenols (anti-oxidants) that have many diverse mechanisms beneficial to cardiovascular disease
  • Human clinical trials show significant improvements in both lipid and glucose levels, making bergamot extract a powerful supplement for overall cadiometabolic health
  • Helps protect the endothelium

Below we break down each Heart Element’s circulatory tendencies along with supplemental recommends that can help add balance of your overall wellness.

Air Heart Tendencies

Earth Heart Tendencies

Fire Heart Tendencies

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