As I reflect on entering a new season of life, I wondered what the BYG deal was.  The big deal is that we are living longer, working or retired, and caring for family and friends.  As we do all of that, this program helped me to realize that I need to take care of myself, and there are many simple steps along the way to assist with that.  The BYG program was easy to use—the videos were very helpful and inspirational, as well as easy to follow.  The nutritional information is based on certain body types—certainly not a one-size-fits all, or a fad diet plan.  The yoga exercises were new to me, but I was able to follow along very easily.  As the nutritional choices helped my digestive system feel better, the yoga was helpful in calming my mind, providing positive focus, and mostly, providing an opportunity to treat aches and pains that come with aging without the harmful effects of medicine.  I highly recommend the BYG program—it’s a BIG deal with lots of information especially geared toward more seasoned adults.