Posture Improved – Back Pain Eliminated!

What I learned as a member of BYG was that I am responsible for my own health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Early on I found out my body type and the foods that support such a body type and those foods to limited or avoid. This was valuable information because it put the ball in my court. The various articles introduced me to a  21 day meditation experience. I actually did all 21 days. While it is still a work in progress I am happy to say I can now sit still for 20 mins and some days I can stop or at least slow down the psychobabble.
At 67  yoga has not only given me back my flexibility, it has improved my posture and I rarely am bothered by back pain anymore. The breath work taught in yoga is transformative.To breathe really deeply can only be described as life giving.
I am grateful to both Alison and Alicia for all the many gifts I received doing BYG. I would highly recommend BYG to anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.
Linda W.

Easy to Use, Helpful & Inspirational

As I reflect on entering a new season of life, I wondered what the BYG deal was.  The big deal is that we are living longer, working or retired, and caring for family and friends.  As we do all of that, this program helped me to realize that I need to take care of myself, and there are many simple steps along the way to assist with that.  The BYG program was easy to use—the videos were very helpful and inspirational, as well as easy to follow.  The nutritional information is based on certain body types—certainly not a one-size-fits all, or a fad diet plan.  The yoga exercises were new to me, but I was able to follow along very easily.  As the nutritional choices helped my digestive system feel better, the yoga was helpful in calming my mind, providing positive focus, and mostly, providing an opportunity to treat aches and pains that come with aging without the harmful effects of medicine.  I highly recommend the BYG program—it’s a BIG deal with lots of information especially geared toward more seasoned adults.

Beverly N.

A New Way of Thinking – Improved Quality of Life

When I began the BYG program I was immediately encouraged to think differently about myself and my age. Everything Alicia and Alison shared encouraged me to have hope that there were things to learn and do that would dramatically improve my quality of life. I loved that they addressed how we take care of our heart and brain, how we rest, how we can increase our energy levels and so much more. Every week a new subject was addressed and every week I learned how to integrate their advice into my daily life. I loved the simple yoga poses, the fun breathing exercises, all the foods they recommended and their advice how to balance our lifestyle. All the information shared was completely appropriate for our lives after 50. I am so grateful someone took the time to show relevance and value to those of us who are no longer 30! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to live a happier and healthier life–and to do it in a fun way!
Barbara Z.

All the Tools to Live a Happy, Healthy Life!

BYG senior yoga student

Alison and Alicia helped me create a personal plan that was right for MY body! All the tools to live a happy, healthy life are available. There are seasonal and specific food plans, supplements to aid areas in the body that need a little help, informative handouts, meditations for calming the mind, and recipes! When I see my doctor for an annual checkup and blood work. He laughs and says “Keep doing what you are doing. See you next year.”

Pat D.

What an Incredible Gift!

Senior couple making healthy recipe together

In this day of increased awareness of personal wellbeing, Alison has made a huge difference in my life. Although initially a bit skeptical, due to my engineering vocation, I quickly learned that Alison’s realistic approach to lifestyle changes was a good fit for me. I stayed with her recommendations and have never felt better. In combination with Alicia’s remarkable gift for mindful, personally crafted yoga, the result has been a phenomenal improvement in wellbeing: in mind, body and spirit. What an INCREDIBLE gift!

Randy T.

I Can Play Golf Again!

Alicia Bliss Beginner Yoga for Seniors

Three years ago I was dealing with chronic back pain which made sitting painful and golf impossible. I fly long distances for my job so being able to sit in an airplane is important. I also enjoy golfing and was concerned I would have to give up the sport to include my annual golf trip with my three brothers which I thoroughly enjoy.  My Dr. recommended I try yoga to help loosen up my muscles to stretch out my back to relieve my pain. I resisted as I did not want to take a class where I had no idea what I was doing and was concerned about not only embarrassing myself but also doing the wrong exercise and making my back even worse. I searched for a private coach to see if yoga would improve my situation. I have now been working with Alicia for three years. She focuses on the areas where I am having trouble as well giving me clear instructions on how to correctly do each exercise. As I have gotten better she continues to help me develop and grow incrementally. I continue to see improvement each week. My back feels much better. I continue to travel but I have added a travel yoga mat in my bag to help me on my trips and to continue my routines. I am also back to golfing and as an added bonus I have improved my game. I continue to get the same personalized and professional service I got on my first appointment. I look forward to my session each week.

Dave W.

Greatly Improved Flexibility…at 74!

Senior couple relaxing on sofa after healthy meal

I have enjoyed practicing yoga under Alicia’s patient guidance for over four years and have greatly improved my flexibility. She has helped me control my back pain and other muscular discomforts. At age 74, I am more active and healthier due to her professional, caring work.

John T.

A Wonderfully Inspirational Resource for My Health

The Best Years Group has been a wonderfully inspirational resource for me. The body type and nutritional information allowed me to refine my food preferences and make mealtime healthier with better digestion. Yoga has been valuable to my less flexible body! I go to classes at times, but now I can complete exercises at home and I know my body and health benefit. Thank you so much, Alison and Alicia, for creating this valuable BYG tool for any age, but especially for us as seniors!

Pam S.

This Program Literally Changed My Life!

Yoga and Meditation for Seniors

In just 3 months as a BYG member, this program literally changed my life! I felt motivated and realized that this is a perfect addition for my lifestyle. I am overall much more flexible, and I feel so much better in my body!

Lucy A.

Easy To Follow

I used to be intimidated by technology. I’ve never done anything in the online learning arena before, but the BYG team was so patient and helpful! Once I got started, it was very easy to follow. The Body Type assessment was very accurate, and I really enjoyed the pace of the program. I learned more than I ever thought I could, and I highly recommend giving yourself a chance to learn new things about yourself through the BYG program!

Karen H.

This Program is Fabulous!!!

I’ve taken yoga classes for 19 years, and this was by far the best program I have ever taken. Excellent instruction especially for newbies or older adults. Alicia is a great instructor and really cares how each individual is progressing!

OLLI Student
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ Furman University

As a Doctor, I Highly Recommend This…

Senior Heart Health Stethoscope

BYG is a wonderful resource for patients. Educational topics include GI health, cognitive health and cardiovascular health. Combined with fundamental yoga and recipes this easy to use platform gives people a plethora of information to help them make lifestyle changes at their own pace to reach their goals. I highly recommended this program to anyone ready to take charge of their health.

Amber Passini, M.D.,
Medical Director Biogenesis Health & Wellness Center

Take Control Over Your Own Health

Dr. Susan Satterfield on Natural Health and the Best Years Group

The Best Years Group shows members that they have much more control over their health than we are traditionally taught. Our every day choices have the most impact on our quality of life. I love the BYG program because it not only emphasizes physical health, with nutrition and staying active, but also our mental and emotional health, with breathwork, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Dr. Susan Satterfield
Cypress Internal Medicine, Greenville SC

A Great Way to Keep Residents Active and Engaged!

The Best Years Group virtual yoga and education classes have been a great way to keep our residents active and engaged throughout this pandemic. The corresponding recipes are amazing! Our residents can’t stop talking about how much they are enjoying all the tasty new foods they are getting to try. I highly recommend their corporate program for retirement communities!

Christi Voitel, Wellness Director
Foothills Retirement Community, Easley, SC