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Blog Title Diet Dilemma What should you eat

Diet Dilemma: What Should I Eat?

Jan 14, 20195 min read

“What should I eat?” is a question we ask ourselves at least three times a day but with diet information being hurled at us from our computers, smartphones, TV and friends, the answer to the question doesn’t seem quite so…

The Ecosystem of the Blood

The Ecosystem of the Blood

Apr 15, 20205 min read

An ecosystem is all the living things, from plants and animals to microscopic organisms, that share an environment. An ecosystem can be quite large, as in the ecosystem of the Amazon rain forest, or as in some ecosystems within humans,……

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Blog Title Vitamin D Senior Healthy Bones

Vitamin “D” Mystified

Jan 20, 20184 min read

Vitamin D is the newest media darling capturing headlines and causing confusion. With the news covering studies that claim up to 40% of Americans are deficient in this key nutrient, you are likely wondering, am I getting enough D? If…

dachshund, buried in the sand at the beach sea on summer vacation holidays, wearing red sunglasses

The Dog Days of Summer

Jun 6, 20223 min read

The Dog Days of Summer have nothing to do with your panting pet. This time of summer is called the Dog Days because the hottest days of the season are associated with the dog star Sirius, the brightest star in the Canis Major…

Brain Fuel: The Sweet Spot

Brain Fuel: The Sweet Spot

Nov 10, 20205 min read

What’s the sweet spot when it comes to fueling your brain?  We start with this euphemism because the sweet spot is often referred to as the optimal place for obtaining a certain desirable effect or result. Where things are “just……

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Self Care Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy!

Self Care Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy!

Jul 21, 20205 min read

Self care ain’t nothin’ fancy.  It’s the simple act of waking up every morning with the intention that you will DO things throughout the day that will benefit you, and perhaps everyone around you. Those who take care of themselves……

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Tick Tock: Listen to Your Body’s Clocks

Tick Tock: Listen to Your Body’s Clocks

Oct 19, 20205 min read

Even if you’re retired, you’re still “on the clock” — your body’s biological clock, that is. Did you know that you have a whole system of biological clocks that control the daily, or circadian, rhythms of your body? These roughly……

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Turbocharge Your Brain

Turbocharge Your Brain

Dec 2, 20206 min read

updated 1 December 2020 Our brains are overworked and underpaid. We multitask and brainstorm all day along. We text and email and attend Zoom meetings, and even when we lie down at night, we plot and plan the next day’s……

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