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Blog Title Dehydration More than Thirst

Dehydration: More Than Thirst

Jun 18, 20184 min read

During the summer months, dehydration becomes a common topic of conversation. We hear stories of people succumbing to the relentless heat and ending up in the hospital. Staying hydrated is important for everyone but, as we grow older the need to…

The Mental Road To Happiness

The Mental Road To Happiness

Jan 3, 20216 min read

“If your attitude is not right, then even if you are surrounded by good friends and the best facilities, you cannot be happy. This is why mental attitude is more important than external conditions. Despite this, it seems to me……

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Detox for seniors using natural methods

Detoxing: Naturally!

Jan 14, 20206 min read

Kidneys: Going beyond water. According to the National Institutes of Health, our kidneys remove waste and extra fluid from our body. They also remove acid produced by our cells and help us maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and……

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Blog Title Salad Bad Pizza Good a Fresh Look at Healthy

Salad: Bad. Pizza: Good. A Fresh Look at Healthy

Sep 18, 20186 min read

That’s right, we said it. Pizza can be good. And while we may have overstated it a bit, there are times when salads are not the best choice. What wacky wonderful world have you been dropped into, you might ask?…

Six Tips for a Less Stressed Staycation

Six Tips for a Less Stressed Staycation

Mar 26, 20203 min read

As humans, we are all facing an opportunity to use one of our most extraordinary abilities: adaptation. We are all adjusting to changes in our external world (our jobs, our family, our community, our world) as well as our internal…

Blog Title Getting to the Heart of the Matter Senior Heart Health

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Feb 19, 20184 min read

We often think of our heart in one of two ways – as the life sustaining organ that pumps our blood or the center of our deepest emotions. Both are true but neither fully express the complexity and intelligence of……

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Self Care Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy!

Self Care Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy!

Jul 21, 20205 min read

Self care ain’t nothin’ fancy.  It’s the simple act of waking up every morning with the intention that you will DO things throughout the day that will benefit you, and perhaps everyone around you. Those who take care of themselves……

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Turbocharge Your Brain

Turbocharge Your Brain

Dec 2, 20206 min read

updated 1 December 2020 Our brains are overworked and underpaid. We multitask and brainstorm all day along. We text and email and attend Zoom meetings, and even when we lie down at night, we plot and plan the next day’s……

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