Which best describes your appetite?

Where do you currently gain or hold weight?

What is your preferred type of meal or favorite foods?

How would you characterize your digestive tendencies?

How are your typical bowel movements?

How would you describe your weight tendencies?

What do you notice about your perspiration?

What is your thirst like?

What is the texture of your skin like?

Which statement best describes your joint health:

Which of the following happens most frequently?

How is your overall immunity?

What's My Gut Element?
Your Element is Air!

What does it mean to have an airy digestive system? Think of air as drying and cold. These two factors can create a windstorm in your digestive system and can lead to an irregular appetite and elimination schedule. When you make a lot of air, you tend to produce gas and a noisy stomach, especially after eating things like beans or raw broccoli. Your key to wellness is to keep warm and stay calm. Learn more about balancing your Air Element here.
Your Element is Earth!

What does it mean to have an earthy digestive system? A predominantly earth digestion tends to have a slow metabolism and can struggle with weight issues. Your sometimes intense cravings for sweet, salty and oily foods do not help and may be leaving you feeling bloated. What you need is to put a spark in your digestion! Your key to wellness is to watch portions and move more. Learn more about your Earth Element here.
Your Element is Fire!

What does it mean to have a fiery digestive system? With a predominantly fire digestion, our appetite is strong and you may find yourself having the tendency to overeat and drink. In fact, missing a meal can make you feel downright irritable. Your digestion is generally good but you occasionally experience indigestion and your food moves through your body rapidly. Finding a balance between “over-doing” it by slowing down a bit is your key to wellness. Learn more about your fire element here.