Materials needed: Your phone or whatever device you store pictures. Postcards or magazine cut-outs that describe adventures or images that represent an activity you would like to be able to do as you age.

Objective: To be intentional about why you are investing in your health. Studies show that being specific about how you see your future self greatly increases the success of reaching your goal. This activity is meant to help motivate you to make health your daily hobby!

Activity: To post images that represent your future goals for yourself on the Best Years Group Facebook page. This is where you want to make sure you join the BYG Facebook page so we can begin to create a sense of community. Click here to join!

  1. Select a picture from either your own photo collection or take a picture of a postcard or magazine cut-out and post image or images to The Best Years Group Facebook page. If you do not want to share, no problem, just keep them somewhere that you can look at it regularly. 
  2. Write a brief description of what the photo means to you along with the image or images you choose. 
  3. Connect with other BYG members in making your life goals come alive!! We want to support you and your BYG future self!!! 
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